Why A Sunryz Puppy?

At Sunryz Golden Retrievers, we want to eliminate or drastically reduce the chances of any health issues with our puppies.

That is why we do not just follow the minimum requirements for health testing, but carry out as much testing as we can in order to have all information possibly available to us to make wise breeding choices. 

We want all Sunryz puppies, whether they stay with us or are homed to new families, to live long and healthy lives. 

The testing that we carry out includes:

  • Hip x-ray and scoring using the CHEDS system
  • Elbow x-ray and scoring using the CHEDS system
  • Annual eye certification using the ACES system
  • Heart ausculation by a veterinary cardiologist
  • Full DNA panel of tests, including (but not limited to)
    • Degenerative Myelopathy
    • GR PRA 1
    • GR PRA 2
    • Ichthyosis
    • Neuronal Ceroid Lipfuscionosis (NCL)

Many breeders advertise as having DNA health tested their dogs, which is great, but DNA does not indicate hip or elbow dysplasia or heart or eye diseases, So please ensure your breeder carries out all of the above testing to avoid the heartache of adding a beautiful Golden Retriever to your family, that may not have a good healthy future. 

You can see all the testing results of our dogs on each dog's individual page. We make these public for all to see as we are proud of the health of our dogs. 

When you take your Sunryz puppy home, you will be provided a copy of all the parents' health tests in your puppy pack.