Hazel and Oakleys first show outing

9th March 2024
Just one day after turning 3 months old and being eligible to show, Hazel and Oakley have made their debut.

Hazel (Sunryz Watermelon Moonshine) and Oakley (Sunryz Romeo’s Heart) attended their first show on Friday at 3 months old. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos, so stacked them this morning for a quick pic.

They took it all in, and took on the PM show a little more confident than the AM show. It was a great learning experience for them both to see what show life is all about. Apparently it’s pretty exhausting for tiny babies 😜

Hazel won her class in the PM and got 3rd in the morning. By the time she had to run around for the puppy of breed she was exhausted and wanted to just sit lol

Oakley was 2/2 both shows, to a puppy at the end of his “baby puppy” days (so 2.5 months older). He thought all the fuss of showing was a bit exhausting in the heat, and decided flopping down like a starfish at any opportunity (including in the ring) was a good way to cool down 😂 Little cutie lol

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