Goldivine Windsong

Whelped: 23rd June 2021

Willow is our pride and joy and a perfect part of our family. 

She is gentle and sweet and adores the kids and our other farm animals, and "mothers" our ducks and chickens. 

Being our first show bitch, Willow has jumped into the deep end with me and has been a lot of fun to learn with. We are very proud of our beautiful girl with her success in the show ring, and look forward to many years of companionship, showing and watching her raise some puppies of her own. 

Willow has some beautiful breeding behind her, coming from some of Australia's best breeders who have dedicated decades to the breed. We are thrilled and incredibly grateful to include the Alubyc and Kaparla lines in our foundation bitch.

We are forever grateful to Rachael and Geoff of Goldivine Golden Retrievers for allowing Willow to come and live with us, and for her constant support and guidance.

Willow whelped a beautiful litter of 9 puppies in December 2023, and we are thoroughly enjoying watch these little darlings grow, both here in our show team, and in their loving new homes.

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Alubyc Tsunami (AI)
Fin Ch Milbu Twister to Nenuoramos (IMP FIN)

Fin Ch. Sandusky Alain Prost (UK)

LVA Ch. LVA Jr Ch. Milbu Greta Grietina (LVA)

Tyan And There She Was at Alubyc


Montego Absolute Truth (AI)

Goldmartini Dreamsbcomereality


Kaparla Sing With One Voice
SUP. Ch. Karparla Formula One (AI)

SE. Ch. Floprym Rivaldo (IMP SWE)

Ch. Kaparla Rythm Omy Heart


Ch. Kaparla Committed No Crime (AI)

DAN.Ch HRV.Ch PRT.Ch SPA.Ch Ritzilyn Rick O'Shay (ESP)


Ch. Kaparla Back To Back (AI)


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We are committed to the betterment of the Golden Retriever breed, therefore we have carried out a variety of health tests on Willow to ensure that she is a sound and healthy girl, prior to her being bred. This will ensure future generations have minimised risk of any health issues also.

A summary of Willows results are:

Hip clearance: AVA 1:2
Eye clearance: ACES Clear
Heart clearance: Clear
Elbow clearance: AVA 2:0
PRA1 status: Clear
PRA2 status: Clear
Ichthyosis status: Clear


I have jumped in the deep end, learning to show and show train with Willow this season. Quite a different game to showing horses, but I am thoroughly enjoying our journey together.

  • 4th June, 2023 - Newcastle & Northern Districs Kennel Club AM, under Mr S Yiannou (QLD) - INTERMEDIATE OF BREED

  • 3rd June, 2023 - Newcastle & Northern Districs Kennel Club AM, under Mr B (Jessie) James (QLD) - INTERMEDIATE OF BREED

  • 2nd June 2023 - Newcastle Toy & All Breeds Kennel Club AM, under Mrs C Fynmore (NSW) - INTERMEDIATE OF BREED

  • 2nd June, 2023 - Newcastle & Northern Districs Kennel Club PM, under Mrs R Barden (NSW) - INTERMEDIATE OF BREED

  • 26th November 2022 - Wyong shire dog club championship show AM Show - under Mrs R Spencer (VIC) - R/U BITCH CHALLENGE, JUNIOR OF BREED, R/U BEST OF BREED
  • Wyong shire dog club championship show PM Show - under Mr W Douglas (VIC) - 1st Junior Bitch, JUNIOR OF BREED
  • 25th November 2022 - Brisbane Water Legacy Dog Club (PM show) - BITCH CHALLENGE, JUNIOR OF BREED, BEST OF BREED (9pts)

  • 22-25th August 2022 - 11th National Golden Retriever National Championships - TOP 5 (20 entries, 4 absent) 

  • 28th May 2022 Newcastle & Northern District Kennel Club - JUNIOR OF BREED

  • 15th May 2022 Cessnock Dog Club (AM Show) - PUPPY OF BREED

  • 14th May 2022 Lake Macquarie All Breeds Kennel Club (AM Show) - PUPPY OF BREED

  • 13th May 2022 Lake Macquarie All Breeds Kennel Club (AM Show) - PUPPY OF BREED

  • 28th April 2022 Hunter Kennel Club Inc (AM Show) - PUPPY OF BREED

  • 29th April 2022 Morisset & District Kennel Club Inc - PUPPY OF BREED

  • 30th April 2022 Hunter Kennel Club Inc (PM Show) - PUPPY OF BREED

  • 25th February 2022 Cessnock & District Ag Society (PM Show) - MINOR PUPPY OF BREED

We look forward to many more shows with Willow as we both learn and grow together